Why Are Dermal Fillers So Popular These Days?

With advancing age, the skin loses its structural proteins such as collagen and elastin fibres as well as the natural skin hydrating substance- hyaluronic acid. Collagen helps keep the skin firm and tight, elastin makes the skin elastic, and hyaluronic acid helps keep the skin plump and supple. These are together responsible for youthful and radiant skin complexion. As a result of their depletion with age, people start to experience age-related skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, drooping skin, dull and dehydrated skin, and volume loss.

Dermal fillers in Ludhiana are one of the routinely performed, non-surgical cosmetic treatments offered at The Glo Medispa by dermatologist Dr. Roopi Khera that can help address skin ageing concerns and other cosmetic skin flaws like acne scarring. This treatment makes use of soft tissue fillers that are injected into precise areas of the face by cosmetic dermatologists to help restore skin volume, improve facial contours, and produce a more youthful appearance.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are natural or synthetic injectable substances that are temporarily, semi-permanently, or permanently injected beneath the skin surface. They can be used to treat a variety of aesthetic concerns such as ageing skin issues, scars, sunken cheeks, thin lips, and poor nose profiles.

Who are Good Candidates for Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are suitable for:

  • Individuals who want to revitalise and refresh their face
  • Individuals who are aged 18 years and above
  • Individuals who have healthy mind and body
  • Women who are not expecting a child or breastfeeding
  • Individuals who are committed to follow a good skin regime and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Individuals who have no active skin infections, allergies, injuries, or any conditions in the area to be treated with filler
  • Individuals who are non-allergic to any of the filler ingredients
  • Individuals who hold realistic expectations from the results of their treatment and have a positive outlook.

If you are experiencing the above-mentioned ageing issues and want to achieve a youthful look, opt now for dermal filler treatment in Ludhiana at The Glo Medispa Clinic.

Watch this video by our anti-aging expert to learn more about dermal fillers in detail

Types of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can be of various kinds, based on their precise location of use. The different filler treatments popular nowadays include:

  • Lip filling: Lip fillers in Ludhiana use hyaluronic acid-containing injections that increase the volume of the lips. They do not slow the ageing process, but they may postpone the need for a lip lift or more invasive surgical lip augmentation.
  • Nasal filling: Nasal filling is known as non-operative/liquid rhinoplasty. Many nasal structural problems can be treated quickly and comfortably with nasal fillers.
  • Jawline filling: It is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that gives the jawline a more defined and plumper appearance.
  • Under-eye filling: This filler treatment involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin of the under eye area using a fine-tipped filler injection to treat bruises and bags under the eyes.
  • Cheekbone filling: It involves using filler injections to increase the volume of the skin above and around the cheekbones. The filler gives the appearance that the bone structure is more clearly defined. It even helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles by increasing volume beneath the skin’s surface.
  • Temple filling: “Temple fillers” are non-surgical injections that help revitalise the temples like a mini-facelift. They contain biodegradable hyaluronic acid gel that helps restore hydration and volume to the temporal region.
  • Chin filling: Injecting chin filler is a non-surgical procedure for improving the contour and definition of the chin. Chin fillers can tighten the jawline, making the face appear more youthful.
  • Nasolabial filling: Laugh lines, also known as nasolabial folds, are kinds of wrinkles that develop with age due to repeated smiling or laughing. Nasolabial (laugh) line fillers help restore volume loss of the skin and stimulate collagen production, thereby reducing the appearance of nasolabial folds.
  • Face filling: Fillers are used to remove deep and shallow wrinkles from the skin, heal scars, thicken thin lips, shape the lips, and reshape the cheekbones. Following the use of facial filler, a more youthful appearance is immediately achieved. Face filling removes the weary expression from the face.
  • Hand filling: Dermal fillers can be injected into multiple areas of the skin’s dermal layer. The filler is often “liquid,” which allows for more coverage before firming up. Therefore, fillers can also help improve the ageing skin of the back of the hands.

Why Are Dermal Fillers So Popular These Days?

Dermal fillers are popular in today’s time because of the myriad of benefits they offer. Some of the advantages of dermal fillers considered by many people seeking dermal fillers include:

1. Natural-looking results

Skilled practitioners can expertly improve a person’s features using fillers while maintaining their natural beauty. The final result of filler treatment is a rejuvenated appearance that looks perfectly natural, making it impossible for people to tell if they have had any work done.

2. Non-invasive procedure

Dermal filler injections offer a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures. This translates to no incisions, no scarring, minimal downtime, and minimal discomfort. Patients can make their appointment over a lunch break and resume their normal activities immediately following the treatment.

3. Instant results

Unlike other cosmetic treatments, filler injections provide instant results. Patients will notice an obvious difference in their appearance as soon as their session is completed, which is beneficial for people looking for immediate improvement.  So, why wait? Opt now for this amazing anti-ageing treatment with Dr. Roopi Khera at The Glo Medispa Clinic.

4. Customizable solution

Filler injections do not work the same way for everyone. Experienced practitioners can personalise the filler treatment to the patient’s unique requirements and preferences. Filler injections can be tailored to the patient’s specific needs, such as plumping of lips, smoothing wrinkles, or lifting of cheekbones.

5. Long-lasting effects

Dermal filler injections are renowned for their longevity. Depending on the type of filler used and the body’s reaction, the effects of dermal fillers can last several months to a year or more. To maintain the positive effects of fillers, few repeated filler treatments are needed.

6. Minimal side effects

Dermal filler injections have fewer side effects than surgical procedures. The potential side effects of fillers like transient redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site are normal and usually resolve within a few days. Skilled and experienced practitioners put in great effort to ensure their patients are safely treated with fillers.

Explore your options and get the transformative effects of dermal fillers in Ludhiana with Dr. Roopi Khera.