Photofacial Treatment

Photofacial Treatment in Ludhiana


Our skin is the largest organ, a protective covering of our entire body. As it is in direct contact with our surroundings, it is more likely to suffer from issues like rosacea, pigmentation irregularities, and sun damage, among others, due to changing environments, heredity, stress, pollution, or other skin ageing factors. Such skin issues can affect the aesthetics, make an individual less appealing, and end up lowering self-confidence and esteem.

Everyone desires to have perfect skin texture and looks at all times. Keeping this in mind, the aesthetic industry is leaving no stone unturned in combating adversaries. However, it’s very challenging to maintain skin beauty and escape the wrath of ageing skin. Here comes into the picture the increasingly demanding, non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

With the introduction of advanced technologies in skin care and medicine, now it is possible to treat cosmetic skin concerns in many ways. One of the modern aesthetic, multi-purpose treatment options is photofacial.

At The Glo Medispa Clinic, you can receive the best possible photo facial treatment in Ludhiana for aesthetic skin concerns at an optimum price. The practitioners appointed here are licensed aesthetic dermatologists with decades of experience in performing photo facial treatment.

Benefits of Photofacial

  • A convenient, minimally invasive, aesthetic skin therapy
  • An outpatient and easy skin treatment
  • Minimal downtime or immediate resuming of normal routine
  • Less painful or discomforting treatment
  • Multiple skin issues can be treated at once
  • Skin appears hydrated, youthful, and plump
  • Almost instant results
  • Long-lasting results
  • Comparatively more affordable
  • A safe and effective treatment.

What is Photofacial?

Photofacial is a light-based, skin rejuvenation treatment in Ludhiana, an alternative therapy to laser skin rejuvenation. It is often regarded as an advanced form of regular facial. Other names of this treatment are facial rejuvenation and photo rejuvenation.

Photofacial treatment is done on all body sites, most exposed to the sun, except around the eyes. Typically, the most common target areas are the face, shoulders, neck, chest, back, legs, arms, and hands.

Why is Photofacial Done?

Photofacial treatments can help address a wide range of cosmetic skin flaws that are caused by sun damage. Mostly, they are performed to treat the following skin issues:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Age spots/ Sun spots
  • Open/enlarged pores
  • Redness or rosacea
  • Skin pigmentation issues (Hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation)
  • Skin blemishes
  • Acne scars
  • Blotchy skin
  • Broken blood capillaries or dilated blood vessels
  • Minor dermal injuries
  • Poor skin texture
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Spider veins.

Types of Photofacial

The most sought-after types of photo facial treatments offered at best skin clinic in Ludhiana:

  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photofacials in Ludhiana- During this treatment, a device emitting intense pulsed light is used to allow deep skin penetration and boost collagen synthesis. The treatment is usually preferred by people suffering from skin concerns such as age spots and hyperpigmentation. It can even be done to treat other skin problems like spider veins, broken capillaries, and even wrinkles. It can be a great option to achieve instant glowing skin.
  • LED Photofacials in Ludhiana – During this non-IPL photofacial, light-emitting diodes are used to treat minor skin problems in people having sensitive skin. LED lights only affect the skin epidermis- the outermost skin layer and are the best options for the treatment of issues like acne marks, minor skin blemishes, or wrinkles. This type of photo facial is less intense than IPL photo facial.

How does Photofacial Work?

In both IPL and LED photo facials, light pulses penetrate deep within the skin and heat the skin dermis to boost collagen production. Collagen is a skin structural protein that helps keep the skin firm and rejuvenated.

The skin penetration ability is higher in the case of an IPL photo facial treatment than in an LED photo facial. When an IPL photo facial is performed, a light pulse is absorbed by the red blood cells and melanin present in the skin. It works to thermally damage melanin in the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation. LED photofacial depends upon which colour LED light is used during the treatment.

A green LED works for the treatment of age spots, hyperpigmentation, and freckles while a blue LED light works for the treatment of skin blemishes, acne, and acne scars. An amber LED photofacial is the best for the treatment of spider veins and red spots while a red LED photofacial works great to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

At The Glo Medispa, photo facial treatment clinic in Ludhiana, Dr. Roopi Khera, makes sure that her patients receive the best, efficient, and safe outcomes with photo facial treatment.

Photofacial Procedure

Here is what you should expect from your photo facial session with us:

  • Application of a cooling gel on the skin of the area to be treated to avoid skin redness and burning sensation during the procedure.
  • Wearing dark glasses to protect eyes from intense light.
  • Moving a light-emitting handheld device on the treatment area while intense pulsed light or LED light reaches the skin dermis and causes controlled damage to pigments of the skin.
  • Wiping of the cooling gel and application of a skin moisturiser and sunscreen.

Before Photofacial Treatment

When you are getting ready for a photofacial session with us, you must be prepared well for it by following some pre-treatment instructions. The precautions that need to be taken before photo facial includes:

  • Avoid direct sun exposure to the area to be treated. Daily wear sunscreen and refrain from sun tanning beds or use artificial tanners for at least 4 to 6 weeks before the treatment.
  • Refrain from the use of skin exfoliants or undergoing retinol-based treatments in the region that will be treated for a week beforehand. Use of Accutane and isotretinoin products must be avoided six months before the treatment.
  • If you have a history of cold sores or are prone to them, take advice from our skin experts during your initial consultation. In such a case, prophylactic antiviral medication will be prescribed to avoid flare-ups of cold sore on the day of the treatment.
  • Inform our practitioner beforehand if having any cosmetic tattoo on or next to the area to be treated, so that tattooed areas can be avoided for the treatment.
  • Discontinue the use of any photosensitizing medications such as minocycline and doxycycline three days prior to the treatment.
  • On the day of the treatment, come with clean, make-up or cosmetic-free skin of the area to be treated

Aftercare Photofacial Treatment

Following a photofacial treatment, some precautions must be taken to ensure smooth recovery and superior quality results of the treatment. Dermatologists in Ludhiana at The Glo Medispa Clinic recommend the following post-treatment guidelines:

  • Apply a cold compress to the treated region during the initial 24 hours to reduce any swelling.
  • Do not expose the treated skin to direct sunlight. To keep your skin sun-protected wear sun-protective clothing and broad-spectrum sunscreen of high SPF.
  • Keep the skin well moisturised by daily applying suitable moisturisers and hydrated by drinking adequate water.
  • Keep your hands off the treated area. Do not pick, rub, or scratch the treated skin.
  • Do not indulge in vigorous physical activities that cause excessive sweating or raise the body temperature.
  • Avoid subjecting the treated area to friction.  
  • Avoid exfoliating the treated skin for at least a week and even avoid other skin treatments for a few days.

Daily practise a good skincare regimen, as advised by the Best Photo Facial Doctors in Ludhiana at The Glo Medispa Clinic.

Good Candidates for Photofacial

Good candidates for photo facials in Ludhiana are people who have sun-damaged or photo-aged skin and other aesthetic skin issues. They must be generally healthy and hold realistic expectations from their treatment. Photo facial sessions are not meant for people having tanned skin or dark complexion, deep lines or folds of skin, deep scars, or severe rosacea or acne.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the potential side effects of photo facials?

Just like any other treatment, photo facial treatment is associated with some relatively uncommon side effects. The potential side effects are slight swelling, mild irritation and redness, darkening of skin blemishes or age spots/sunspots, minor sensitivity in the treated sites, and crusting of the dark spots. All of these side effects are short-lived, usually lasting for a few hours or days, and are a part of the natural healing of the skin after the treatment.

How long does a photofacial session last?

A photo facial treatment session typically takes around 30-40 minutes.

How many photofacial sittings are required to see effective results?

To notice the desired results of photo facial treatment, multiple sittings (anywhere between 3 to 5), are usually required. For the maintenance of the outcome of the treatment, photo facial needs to be repeated once or twice a year

How long do photo-facial results last?

The results of the photofacial treatment start to show up after a single session and the final desired outcome appears gradually over time. The desired effects almost always last for a long time.

How much does photo facial treatment cost?

In contrast to aesthetic surgeries and laser skin treatment, photo facial is economical and cost-effective. However, it is a little more expensive treatment than a chemical peel and microdermabrasion. No two candidates seeking photo facial treatment would have to pay the same amount.

There are various cost-determining factors of photo facial treatment including the area of skin being treated, the medical facility or clinic chosen, the experience level of the practitioner, the severity of aesthetic skin concerns, and the number of sittings required. For more details consult Dr. Roopi Khera to learn more on photofacial cost in Ludhiana .

Does photo facial treatment hurt?

The treatment is usually painless or less discomforting. The candidate can expect a brief discomfort of varying intensity based on his/her pain tolerance level.

For more details and to add a glowing glow to one’s skin get in touch with skin experts at The Glo Medispa, Photofacial Clinic in Ludhiana.


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