The Glo Medispa: Skin Clinic in Ludhiana

The Glo Medispa is the brainchild of Dr. Roopi Khera where we have brought together science and luxury for an unforgettable comfortable experience with the highest quality of results. The treatments at the skin clinic in Ludhiana, The Glo Medispa include Medi-facials, Hydrafacial, Q switched Nd YAG LASER for tattoo removal; pigmentation reduction; Diode for Hair Removal, Hair and face rejuvenation, non-surgical facelift, antiageing procedures.


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About the Clinic

The Glo Medispa is a premier state-of-the-art Aesthetics and Laser clinic specializing in advanced high-performance non-invasive and therapeutic Skin and Aesthetic treatments. 

The belief is “Beauty is skin deep”. Skin is just a mirror of what goes on inside and dermatology is like puzzle solving to find what is causing the visible changes in the skin. The treatments at The Glo Medispa are holistic and aimed at improving your health inside out.

We offer a whole variety of standard cosmetic procedures and a curated collection of the most current clinically-tested face and body treatments, including Growth Factor Treatment, Laser Hair Reduction, Hair Growth Restoration with PRP, Hair Transplants,  Face Aesthetics, Rejuvenation, Skin Health, and Antiageing treatments. 

Most of our services are designed to deliver rapid natural-looking and long-lasting results with none or minimal downtime.

A multi-specialty approach to treating any root problem using combination therapy allows us to achieve the most comprehensive diagnostics and treatment protocols.

Our Philosophy


At Glo Medispa, we understand all clients are different with their skin needs. Everyone needs a different set of treatments to suit their lifestyle, beliefs, preferences, and budget. Hence we treat in a holistic way which includes changing your diet, lifestyle, and life choices. We get to the depth of every skin concern. The correct diagnosis helps us to treat better. The clients are given detailed information about their concerns and the treatment plan is created with a detailed discussion of what is best for them.

Meet the expert


Dr. Roopi Khera has vast experience in the field of Dermatology, Cosmetology Laser treatment, and hair transplant. She passed her MD Dermatology Venereology & Leprology from the Maharashtra University of Health Science. She has a special interest in the psychosocial impacts of skin disorders and hence guides all the patients thoroughly on the treatment process to not let them feel depressed, anxious, or isolated. Dr. Khera is a strong advocate of ‘Beauty inside out’ which means when we are healthy on the inside our skin radiates a healthy glow.

Our Team

Our team at Glo Medispa includes experienced personnel with more than 5 years of practicing Lasers and Medifacials.

Nisha is a clinic manager with a long career in the beauty industry. She is well versed with skincare products, medical techniques, and Certified Laser Technician. Nisha has a vibrant personality and she makes clients feel very welcome. She takes care of all post-procedure follow up, managing client treatment calendars and treatment schedules.

Minni is a vibrant young energetic treatment provider. She has a happy demeanor and expertise in making full-body laser sessions very comfortable. Also, she is very good with deep tissue facial massage and is always appreciated by clients for their unforgettable experiences.




Clinic Timings
Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM